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Optimised scheduling solution for healthcare institutions

Optimised scheduling solution for healthcare institutions

Scheduling has never been easier.


An intuitive, 100% online interface for all caregivers.


A collaboration tool for your team and for the whole hospital.


Thanks to AI, you just need a few clicks to fill in your schedule.


Up to a 95% reduction in time spent on scheduling.


Training and follow-up, our advisors are always there to help you!

Discover Hopia's solution to simplify scheduling !

To support doctors and nurses so that they can fully dedicate themselves to their vocation: giving care and saving lives.

Free time for what really matters...

Building a schedule for an entire team is extremely complex. However, today it is mostly done by hand. A source of errors and dissatisfaction, it turns out to be extremely time-consuming for already overworked nursing staff.
Through optimised and automatised scheduling, Hopia allows caregivers to save a considerable amount of time that can further be reinvested towards teams and patients, to improve everyone's quality of life and work.

Free time for what really matters...
... and face crisis.

... and face crisis.

While the hospital was already facing an organisational crisis, the COVID-19 crisis has weakened it even deeper. Caregivers are overburdened, managing beds and places has become extremely difficult.
Our R&D team is currently developping, throught artificial intelligence, a patient flow prediction module which will allow which will make it possible to better anticipate, understand and optimise the management of resources within the hospital, particularly in the event of a health crisis.

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